Friday, December 26, 2008

I Want All Of Daddy's Creamy Hot Jizz

Daddy came into my room this morning and woke up his favorite little princess with some presents. I was very happy to see him as he climbed into my pretty bed and said "Surprise baby girl." As I looked at him and smiled. Mommy was still asleep in the room down the hall so we could not make a lot of noise. Daddy got me some jewelry, a new baby doll nighty and some new toys. I looked at him as I said "Oh I love my gifts!" As I reached over and gave him a very big hug. Daddy always loves to spoil me and do nice things for me and I knew since he did this for me that I would give him a very special present too. As I looked into his eyes and took his hand in mine and began to run it across my perky little breasts. He moaned out lightly as he took his finger tips and began running them across my puffy nipples. I could see that the bulge in his shorts was getting harder as he started to make his way down my little body. As I whispered out "I want to be your nasty dirty fuck slut." As his cock grew more when he hard me say that. He whispered back "It will have to be our own secret Princess." As I gave him a naughty smile and felt his hand start to crawl under my little nighty. He knows that I love to be his naughty little girl and please him like mommy can't. Especially when he does very nice things for me. He looked at me as he stated to slide his fingers up and down my pink pussy lips and said "I need you to make me feel good right now." As he started to run his fingers inside my tiny little hole. It was dripping wet and felt so good as he started to slowly slide his fingers inside of me. Feeling the way that it gripped around it. His finger felt so good sliding in and out of me. I took my little hand as I reached over and pulled out his big fat daddy dick.

Sliding it up and down as I began stroking it for him. His cock was so hard and throbbed so much he had precum leaking out. I laid back as he crawled up between my little legs and brought his big fat cock to my mouth. I looked up at him as he slide it in my hot wet mouth. Daddy's cock was so big and so hard and my pussy got so wet feeling him slide it in and out faster and harder. He got so excited as he started to pump and fuck my mouth and pre cum started dripping into the back of my throat as he said "Oh yes suck daddy's cock like a good little whore." His cock slid so far down my throat that I almost started to gag on it. But that wasn't the only hole he wanted to fuck. He looked at me and said "I want to fuck that dirty little ass of yours as he put me on all
fours and took his hands and gripped my tight little ass. His cock was standing straight out as he said "Oh look at that hot fuck box its dripping wet. And look at that tiny little asshole." As he started to smack my ass and take the tip of his head and slid it in my little fuck oven. Daddy's cock had to be at least 9 1/2 inches and as much as I tried not to moan out I just could not help it. I almost woke up mommy with my screams of passion as I looked back at the look on his face as he said "Mommy never lets me fuck her ass and never gets dirty with me." As I giggled I said "When I get through with you, you won't ever want to have sex with her again." As I moaned out more and locked my ass around his dick. As I said that he looked at me and said "Oh you are going to make me cum for you." As he was deep inside of me. I said "I want my thick and creamy treat now!" He slid out of me as I crawled over to the edge of the bed to open up my dirty little mouth and take all of his thick hot cum. Saying "Give me your cum Daddy I want to taste my ass on your cock." As he started to slide it in and out. As he said "Oh you are a nasty little whore for daddy." As I said "Yes I am." As he said "Drink it all down Princess." And shot a big load deep down my throat as I gagged on it just a little but loving every last drop. Looking up at him as I licked my lips and beggng him for more. I love making my pussy cum for Daddy..Call me now at 1-888-704-6848

Princess Riley

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deep Throat Cum Slut

Hey you horny fuckers I do suck cock and fuck when i want to. I have a hot, wet, dirty fuckin mouth so feed me that dick now. You have no idea what I can do..

Right now the only thing I can think about is your big fat cock and the hot phone sex call that we had. I love everything about it. The way it feels, the way it looks and the way it tastes as its sliding in and out of my hot wet mouth. I must confess one of my favorite things to do when i'm not being your bratty princess is having your big fat rod sliding in my hand and in my mouth. Picture me dressed like a slut as i'm stroking and teasing you as I get down on my knees and take my tongue and slide it up and down your long hard shaft. Licking it nice and slow as I wrap my pretty lips around it. Feeling me take it in as I suck on it nice and slow. Teasing you a bit as I start to take it in deeper. As it makes it's way down my throat. Looking up at you as I raise my mouth up off of it and take my tongue making my way down to those balls. Feeling your cock grow stiffer as I suck on them and pump my soft hand up and down your shaft. The only thing you can think about right now is fucking my throat deep. So deep that I gag on it for you. Knowing that my mouth is willing and ready as your balls slap against my chin. Hearing me moan out as my pussy gets dripping wet as I move my panties to the side and start to finger it. " MMmmm it's so tight and wet" I say as you start pumping my mouth faster and deeper.Calling me your lil cock sucking slut. And before you know it you are moaning out as your dick starts to throb and you cant hold back any longer. All you want to do is shoot that hot gooey load all over my face. Making it creamy as I cum all over my fingers as they are fucking my tight wet pussy. As I say "I want to drink up all of your cum and show you how much of a whore I really am." You say oh yes you slutty bitch as your thick hot cum paints up my face pretty dripping down my chin. As I wrap my lips around your cock again to clean all that cum off. My mouth is hungry for your cock right now. So take that big fat cock out and get ready for the ultimate cock sucking experience like you have never had before you horny fucker. Call me at 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Riley

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mommy's Favorite Cock Sucking Slut

Today you found me in the chat room and arranged a phonesex call where I played your mommy. You were so horny thinking about sucking on daddy's big fat cock today. As you were standing there I looked at you and said "Get your mouth ready he's going to be walking through the door any second just waiting to feel his son's lips slide up and down his long hard shaft." As you started to rub the big fat bulge that was growing in your pants that's when he walked in. Daddy walked up to you as you could see the big fat bulge in his pants. You could tell that he had been waiting for this moment all day. I looked at you and said "Undo daddy's pants for mommy now. Get that hot slutty mouth ready to suck on daddy's cock." As you took it out you looked at me with a very big smile on your face. Looking at how big and fat it was. Hearing me as I said "Now do it like I showed you. You have seen the way mommy sucks on daddy's cock." Kneeling right in front of him as I said "Ohhh yes just like that. My son is so naughty taking his fathers cock in his mouth like that." Bobbing his head up and down making it wetter. Feeling his dad's hand as he starts to force him down on it more. As he started to moan out because it felt so good. I know you wanted him to fuck your mouth as you started to slurp on it. As I looked at you saying "now gag on daddy's cock for me." Your cock was getting so hard as you knew how wet it made my pussy seeing you do that for me. You looked at me as you started to take it in deeper as I stood above you touching myself. Pulling down my boustier as I exposed my firm tits. Then pulling my thong to the side as I exposed my wet pussy and slid a finger inside. Seeing the expression on your face as you saw mommy masturbate. Feeling the cum build up in your balls more as your mouth was full you said "Mommy i'm ready to cum. Can I take my cock out of my pants now please?" As I said "Okay you can take it out but don't cum yet I want you to let it build up a little bit more and then shoot that hot load for me." As your head was bobbing up and down faster and faster and feeling daddy's cock hit the back of your hot wet mouth. Daddy was ready to shot his load down your throat as he took his hand and lifted your head off of his cock. As I said "Tilt your head back and drink all of daddy's cum up like a good whore." You drained his balls as you took it all in and then cleaned his cock off just like I wanted you too. Mommy get's just what she wants... I'm ready for you to cum get on your knees for me today and show me how much you are ready to take a big fat cock in your mouth you horny fucking slut....And if you are not ready for that then you can start off with my strap on and make your way up to a real cock. Or do you want me to push your limits? Come find me in the free sex chat room so we can arrange a something hot and taboo....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Ready To Milk Your Cock

I'm a flirty lil tease who can't get enough of making your cock rock hard. You like seeing me dressed like this don't you? In my cute little pig tails with my little glasses on and school girl outfit on. Seeing the way that I look at you and take my hands and touch my body. The only thing you can think about right now is taking that big hard cock out isn't it? I bet you it's starting to throb in your pants as you see me toying with my little skirt. Slowly raising it up as I expose more of my little thigh's to you. I bet you want to know what kind of panties i'm wearing under it too don't you? By the time my hands make my way back up to this little shirt you want to take your cock out so bad you can taste it. Maybe I go to flash you my perky little tits. Can you see how hard my nipples are for you? Laying here as I giggle. And you say "Riley can I please take my cock out now and stroke it for you?" As I tease you more taking my finger and run around my nipples and moan out I say "Ask me again if you can touch it." You say again "Oh please oh please can I take out my cock for you and touch it?" I look at you taking my other hand to rub it up and down my little white cotton panties I say "Okay go ahead and take it out." What size is your cock? Is it big, average, or small. It doesn't really matter as long as it gets hard for me. As I tease and flirt with you I guide you on how to stroke your cock for me. Telling you to make it nice and wet with some easy glide. Then I look at you as I say "Take your hand and wrap it around that throbbing hard cock and stroke it slowly." Looking as your hand glides up and down. Seeing that expression on your face as you stroke it from the base of your shaft all the way up to the tip of the head. Seeing the look in my eyes as my little pussy gets wetter and wetter as I say "Stroke it a little faster baby." Hearing you moan out because it feels so good I say "Now stroke just the head and take your thumb and index finger and touch that part that makes you want to cum." As you say "Oh yes that feels so fucking good." But you better not cum until I tell you too. Looking at the expression on my face as I say "Now stroke it again for me. Up and down. And I want you to squeeze it too." As the look on your face grows more and more intense I just know that those balls are starting to fill up with hot cum. Teasing you even more as I start to masturbate for you. Moaning out as I slide my finger up and down my pussy lips. Seeing the hunger grow in your eyes as I start to slowly slide it in. You like that baby? As I continue telling you how to take your hand and stroke it up and down your shaft. How soft or how firm to squeeze it. When and how I want you to touch that sensitive spot that will make you cum as soon as you touch it. Hearing you as you moan out as your hand is slipping and sliding up and down over and over again. Do you want to know how wet my tight pussy is for you as I see you pump your cock faster and faster? Then get that K-Y gel ready and give me a call so I can milk every last drop you have for me... 1-888-704-6848 ask for Riley

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daddy's Dirty Little Secret

Daddy came to me today and told me "Riley I have a secret to tell you." As I sat there dressed in my little pink dress with my white cotton panties under it he told me "All the girls make fun of me and are mean to me." I looked at him and said "Why daddy?" He went on to say "They tease me because they know I want to take a strap on in my ass and a real cock in my mouth." Daddy felt like he could tell me anything because I am his special little princess. He knows that I like to walk around in front of him dressed like a little slut in my skimpy clothes. He always gets so hard when he sees me bending over showing off my pretty little panties He also told me that he has been fantasizing about me making him my little bitch. He said he wanted to be a faggot whore and wanted me to pop his ass cherry. As I got up off the couch and stood there teasing and taunting him by touching myself and giggling I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger. Opening up my little dress as I exposed my tits to him and flashing off my white panties to him. I walked into my room and looked in my drawer for my strap on. When I came back out I could see him taking his hand as he was stroking his cock through his pants. I looked at him and said "I'm going to make you my little bitch today." Then I told him to take off his pants and get his tight little virgin ass ready for me. As he slid out of them exposing his throbbing hard cock he looked at me as I slowly started to lift up my pink short dress and expose my little panties to him. I pulled them to the side first as I exposed my little pussy to him and started to run my little finger in and out of my lips.

Moaning out as I started to put on my strappy I said "Bend over daddy I know you want to be a horny little faggot for me." As I grabbed some easy glide to lubricate it I took it and started to run it up and down his tight little hole. Saying "Relax now because i'm going to slide it in." I started to slowly feed it to him he started to say "Ohhhh baby it's so big and it really stretches me open." As he could feel me start to pump it in and out. Grabbing his hips as I started to go a little faster. Sliding it all the way in and all the way out. I fucked him so good that he started to beg me if he could stroke his cock. Hearing me say "Take my strap on like a good little faggot bitch." The more I said that the more he moaned out "Oh yes i'm your little whore princess." Begging me to fuck him deeper and harder as I popped that little cherry and not being able to take it much longer. Daddy knew that no one could give it to him like I could and the way that i was hitting that g spot I just knew he was going to blow soon. He looked back at me jerking off his cock so fast begging me over and over if he could cum and I said I'll let you know when you can cum! When I got finished with him he cum so hard that his balls were drained. And I also made daddy drink up all of his cum like a thirsty fucking slut. Maybe next time i'll have both of his slutty little holes filled at the same time and turn into a true faggot.My strappy in his ass and a real cock in his mouth. I just love to play with daddy and he will never deny me. Can I be your naughty little princess today? I'm in our free sex chat room right now. Why don't you come find me and let me know all of your dirty little secrets... Kisses, Riley

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Slide It In My Tight Little Ass

I'm on my knees right now ready to be your dirty little bitch. I know you love it when I show off my tight ass for you. Weather i'm wearing a short little skirt that barely covers it or just walking around in some panties or a thong teasing you. Your cock get's rock hard when you think about climbing up here behind me as you take your hands and squeeze my ass cheeks. Rubbing and smacking them as you get your tongue ready to slide up and down my hot little hole. Making your way closer until you get right there. Now you may like it when I just come out of the shower and smelling sweet. But I know it makes your dick even harder knowing if I haven't. Spreading me open as your tongue starts to lick up and down. Nice and slow so you can savor the taste. Hearing me moan out as you take your tongue and start to slide it in. Telling me how good I taste as you start to slide that tongue in even further. Looking up at me as you call me your dirty bitch. Ya that's right you know i'm a dirty whore for you and I wanna feel your tongue, finger, and cock stretching my tight little hole open. Forcing it as you can't get enough. Feeling me move and wiggle my hips back and forth as I start to grind on your tongue saying "Lick me deeper you horny fucking slut!" Taking my hand as I run my finger tips through your hair and pushing you in deeper inside of me. My pussy is getting so wet by the way that you do that you can feel it start to drip down as you start licking me from my ass crack to my pink little hole. Taking out your big fat hard cock as you start to stroke it and take your hands and slap my ass. And you love hearing me slap it too as you rim me even deeper. Me moaning out even louder because you are a hot ass licker. Go ahead and stroke your cock baby. Get it ready because I know it's just dripping pre cum as you start to lick me faster and faster. I know you want to force that throbbing hard rod inside of my tight dirty little hole and feel how tight it is. Choking it just how you like. You get up as you take your cock and start to smack my ass again. First the right cheek then the left. The right and then the left.

As I look back at you again you say "You make my dick harder then anyone ever has." As I look back at you smiling and giggling I say "I know I do and you lick me like no one i've ever known before now give me that big fat cock." You said "Oh hell ya baby" As you take the tip of the head and started to run it from my pussy lips and back to my ass.Then sliding it in my hot little ass. Feeling how hot it was as you grabbed my hips and forced your way in. My hole is so tight and will grip and squeeze around your cock so tight that it will have you blowing your load before you know it. Feeling me as I slide up and down that shaft. And with every stroke you start to fuck me deeper and harder. With every thrust I choke your rod tighter and tighter. With your full balls smacking against me you start saying "My cock feels so good inside of your tight little hole." Feeling me as I pull your cock deeper and deeper inside of me hitting that g spot. As I look back and take my hands to grab you and pull you in even as i'm moaning out so loud and saying "Oh yes just like that. Give it to know i'm hungry for your cock." Saying it again as i'm grinding my ass back onto you. As you slide all the way in and all the way out. Moving your hips in circles as my pussy is so wet the juices are dripping back on your cock. You take your finger as you start to run it up and down my clit. Teasing it as you roll your finger round and round. Hearing as I moan out even louder you make your way to my tight little pussy lips. Hearing me say "Slide your finger in my tight wet cunt. You thought my ass was tight just wait until you enter here." You were moaning out so loud by now and throbbing so much inside of me that the next words I heard was "I'm ready to shoot my hot load in your mouth." Moving to the side of my bed as I said "Aim and shoot that hot cum in my mouth now!"Opening up my mouth as I drank in every last drop that you had. Then cleaning your cock off as you leaned your head back and started to moan. I want more! Are you ready? Then come and find me in our
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Strap On Takng Cock Slut

Well hello Mr. Strap on taking cock sucking slut. I just know you are ready to get down on your knees and take my eight inch strap on in your tight little ass. And I just know your mouth is aching to feel a big fat cock to suck on. Just thinking about that makes your cock rock hard doesn't it? You love it when I have one of my well hung studs over so you can look at me and say "Oh please Princess Riley I need to feel his long hard cock slide in my mouth." And you love it when I call you names. Saying "Slurp on that rod you fucking whore. Take it in like a good little faggot." Hearing me giggle as you slurp and lick on his thick hard meat over and over again. I know you are ready to pull your pants and shorts down so you can get that slutty ass ready for my big fat strap on to slide in and fuck you so good that you will be begging me to blow like a bitch. Did you think you would not be getting a load of cum shot on your face too? Come on now cock sucker you know you are sucking his dick so good that his balls are full of cum just ready to explode all over your face. Feeling me grab your hips as I thrust deeper and deeper inside of you. Hitting that g spot so good i'll have you moaning in extacy. Your cock throbbing more and more as both of your hot holes are being filled at the same time. By the time i'm done with you, you will be on your knees wanting to cum so bad you can taste it. MMM there is nothing I like more then to make you my little strap on taking cock sucking slut. So come on now give your princess a call and blow all of that sticky hot cum that you have been saving up for her.
Princess Riley
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wicked Lil Minx In Disguise

Sometimes when guys look at me they think I look very sweet and innocent. Little do they know how much of a naughty girl i can really be. I always say the innocent looking ones are the one's you have to watch out for.. There is a guy next door who likes to do really nice things for me. He likes to buy me gifts like cute skirts, sexy little tops, panties, and jewelry. Basically any thing that I want. I always tease him by the way that I look at him. He gets so horny when he sees me walk by dressed in my school girl skirt and tight fitting tops. You know the ones that fit very tight that you can see my nipples through the material. And I know he likes seeing me in my white thigh hi's and little black shoes. Today I was just getting out of class and I walked by and give him that look. I can only imagine the dirty things that are going on in his mind. Sometimes I let him come over my house if i'm feeling like being a tease to him. I have made his cock rock hard so many times. Touching my body. Giving him a glimpse of my perky breasts. Or sometimes I bend over in front of him to show off my cute little white panties. Or i'll lift up my skirt to show off my little thighs to him. Sometimes even move my little panties to the side to expose my pink tight pussy. I bet he wants to explode so bad when he sees me do that he can taste it. Well today when I got home he was in his front yard. I asked him over because I knew this was going to be the day that I allowed him to fuck me. But he knows if he should cum really fast or if he doesn't buy me things or spoil me then I will threaten to tell on him. I will tell his friends, his girl friend, the people he works with, the people on the block, I'll tell anyone I know. I will say that he is putting his cock in all of my little holes and forcing himself on me. Now what would they think knowing that i'm such a innocent little girl hehehe.. So he will do anything I want. No questions asked. I'm sure he sees me bringing in guy's all the time. In his bedroom jerking off his little cock seeing me as I get fucked in my little wet pussy. But if he buy's me things then sometimes I will let him cum inside of me. Everyone thinks i'm so sweet but they have no idea that i'm a wicked minx that is in disguise. So watch out for my tight little pussy it can have you doing things you never dreamed of doing... *giggles* Riley

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hi Everyone I'm Riley

Hi everyone i'm Riley. I'm new to the site and I can't wait to have all kinds of fun with you. A lot would say that i'm a spoiled little princess who gets my way. I would have to agree with them "giggles" I am your teen dream cum true. I am into all kinds of fantasies. I do it all and I do not have a shy bone in my body. There will be times when I catch you being naughty and going into my bedroom trying on my pretty little panties. You are addicted to how soft and silky they feel as you sniff them and wear them. Just the thought of it makes your cock rock hard doesn't it? Well you know when I walk in and catch you I will have to punish you. You didn't think I would just let you do that and not do anything about it did you? I will go to my closet and bring out my favorite strappy and have you on your knees sucking it like a good like a obedient little bitch should. Then bend you over and slide it in that man pussy and fuck you so good that i'll leave your head spinning out of control. I'm such a naughty brat. And I know you like it when i'm bratty too. You tell me that i'm your lil princess who loves to fuck and be fucked. You know I just can't get enough of those pet names too. It just makes me giggle. I know you need this tight little pussy to cum don't you. So I can look at you with my pretty baby brown eyes and get anything I want from you. I like it even more when you spoil me and give me presents and shower me with gifts. Then you know I will fuck you with no questions asked. But if you are bad then you know I will punish you. And that punishment comes in many forms from humiliation to strap on play, forced bi, forced feminization, and so much more. But I think you get the idea. Give me a call and listen to my bratty young voice I just know your cock will get rock hard. And we can cum up with any kind of scenario you want! I can't wait to play with you.

Your naughty little princess,

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