Monday, February 9, 2009

Assume The Proper Postion Slave

I know you have been looking in my bedroom as I just came out of the shower. Smelling so sweet as I go to sit back on my bed and bring out my favorite lotion to rub all over my body. Do you sit there stroking that cock wishing that it could be you putting lotion on me? I know you would not miss any spots would you? So come on over here and assume the proper position. You have been waiting on this moment for a very long time. The time to worship my tight little body. On your knees slave and kneel at your Mistress's pretty little feet. Now start off by licking and kissing them. Can you feel how soft and smooth they are? I know you can. When you get finished there I want you to work your way up. Not missing any inch of my sexy body. My shapely little legs and silky thighs. Seeing you as you look up at me making your way closer to my sweet pink pussy. We are going to save that for last. That's right a body worshipping slave is here to please me as I see fit. I will use you how I want because I know your pleasure comes from serving me. Take your hands as they trail up my body as you make your way up my flat little tummy. Kissing it as you take your finger tips and run them across my breasts. Look at them and see how firm and touchable they are. I know you want to feel them in the palm of your hand as you feel the heat that emits from my pussy as you start to lick and suck on my nipples. I can hear you moaning out as you drink in my sweetness. Tasting my intoxicating scent as your cock gets harder and harder. I know you want to touch it as you look into my eyes telling me how much you are throbbing for me. I look at you as I take my soft little hand and start to run it across it.

Teasing it as I take my hand away and hear you moan out even louder. I bet you are dripping pre cum right now aren't you? And if you thought that was the last part of my body you would be worshipping before you got to my pussy then think again. See me as I stand up with you over me. With my tight little ass in your face. Yes I want your lips on my tight ass kissing and licking it. Show me how much you want to taste it as I grind it into your face. I bet you want to lick my hot little hole too. Feeling how tight it is as you take your tongue and slide it in. You may not even get the chance to get to my pink hole before you are blowing your load out as you hear my moans of pleasure as my pussy juice leaks down my crack to your tongue. You know you are my favorite body worshipping slave and I know you want to stroke that cock don't you? You want to wrap your hand around it and slide it up and down that shaft as I turn around and open up my legs. Exposing this tight cunt over you as I say "Now show me how good you can lick my pink hot spot slave." Looking up at me as you beg me to stroke I say "Not until you taste my sweetness." Now take your tongue and slide it up and down my lips. And when you are done with that I want you to slowly slide it in." I've teased and seduced you so much by now that all you can do is take a few licks before you are ready to blow that thick hot load for me. But before I allow you to cum let me get this glass so you can shoot it in. Why do I want you to do that? Well you did say you would do ANYTHING to be able to taste my pussy so aim that throbbing hard cock in that glass as you are licking my pussy. Get ready for me to cum all over your face as you start to lick me faster and faster. And shoot that fucking load in that glass and drink it up like a good slut for your Mistress. This is going to be one worshipping session you will never forget.


Princess Riley

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