Monday, May 25, 2009

Mr Tiny Dick Pervert

You are such a dirty old man. A fucking pathetic perverted loser. You see me dressed like a slut mostly all the time and think that you have what it takes to get me off. But little do you know that you and your tiny little dick could never satisfy me. It's so tiny and useless that all I can really do is laugh at it. And it's such a shame too because you are an attractive looking guy that no girl would ever suspect that your cock is only three inches. You wonder how I know? Well trust me pervert I do know. All the girls have been whispering about your little prick and how its more of a baby dick then anything. For some reason you think if you get close to me that I will give you the time of day. You have mostly all the qualities being an older man, attractive and toned body it's too bad that your dick is lacking size though. So don't even think about it because all I would do is laugh in your face. I have no use for itsy bitsy worms like yours. But what I could do is put you in a pair of my dirty panties and let that little clitty rub up against it. And they will have the fresh scent of my pussy in them. I bet your rub that ugly little thing when you think about all of the things I would do to you. Teasing and taunting you. Flirting with you but then denying you. I don't care how good you look either you are still a loser. And a fucking pussy boy pervert. Just imagine seeing me dressed in my micro mini skirt with a tight fitting top and matching lacy bra and panties under that. I bet your little prick gets hard thinking about me lifting up my top and see my perky tits. You want to touch them don't you? Dream on loser you can just keep rubbing that tiny ugly worm and watch me lift up my skirt and flash my little panties at you. I bet you want to know what it would take for you to touch my bare little teen pussy. And what would it take to worship my tight little body.

I'm glad you asked because first I would put you in a pair of my sexy red bra and panty set. With a pair of thigh hi's and a cami on. And some six inch red pumps and put you out in the middle of the room. Maybe invite some of my bratty little girl friends over and make you do humiliating things. Think about us all making jokes about that itty bitty clitty. Saying "It's so tiny he can't even stroke it. All he can really do is rub it like a clit." Looking into your eyes saying "You fucking bitch I bet when you go to pee you have to sit down like a girl. Because your penis is too tiny to point and aim." With your face turning redder by the second you say "it's not that small." As I start to giggle saying "Are you kidding me loser? You can't even see it! It's so tiny you need to shine a bright light on it just to find it!" Ya I know you are touching it right now slut but you better not cum until I allow you too. Because that's just the start of the things that I would do to you. I will have you down on your knees sucking on my fuckig strap on like a slut. Slurping on it and making it nice and wet so I can fuck your slutty little ass hole. You know i'm going to make you my bitch don't you? And don't even think about denying me because I know things about you that I can tell your wife. I'm sure she would love to know how you play with that tiny worm while you are watching me in my bedroom. What proof do I have? Don't worry about that fucker I have it. So don't make me pick up the phone and call her right now. You know what you have to do if you want to get the chance to lick my pussy and ass. Just think about how tiny and tight my little pink hole is. As you are between my legs like a horny slut licking and tasting how creamy it is. You beg me to touch your little tic tac dick but I say "Not until I allow you too pervy loser." I want you to get your pathetic little dick ready and pick up the phone and give me a call. I'll have you cumming like never before. 1-888-704-6848 ask for Riley

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