Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Teasing Slutty Girl Next Door

I am not like your sweet typical girl that lives next door to you. I see you when your wife is away and you are in your bedroom watching me. I pick out the perfect time to tease you by the skimpy little clothes I wear. You don't think I can see the way that you are looking at me and that lust in your eyes. I bet you are so hard that you start stroking your cock. Seeing the way that my top shows off my tiny perky tits. And when I bend over you can get a very good look at my pretty little panties. You can't help but take your big fat dick out and start stroking it because I flaunt my little body at you. But I bet the thing you want to really know is how much of a slut I am. And I know you wanted to know what my little mouth would feel like if I was on my knees sucking your dick. I just know every time you feel your wife's mouth or pussy lips wrapped around your cock you wish it was me. My little cunt lips are EXTREMLY tighter then that prudes lips. I want to give you something like you have never had before. And that's a complete and total teen slut who will lick, suck, and let you fuck every one of her tiny holes. My mouth is warm and wet and will slide up and down your shaft and take it in so deep that it's hitting the back of my throat. I know you want to see me looking up at you as my head is bobbing up and down your shaft. Saying "Please don't stop fucking my mouth." But you don't want me to stop there do you? Can I bend over my couch with my tight ass up in the air as you have your thick meat in your hand stroking it deciding which hole you are going to fuck next? Look at my dirty ass it's so tiny and needs to be stretched out by your massive man dick. Stretch it open baby. Pump that flesh in and out as I'm moaning out "Fuck this slutty ass baby it feels so good!" You would not last long in there because of the way that it squeezes and grips and pulls you in deeper and deeper. Is that where you want to blow your load at? Or do you want to take a taste of my dripping wet pussy lips. Keep me on all fours or let me climb on top of you and slide my little pink hole down on your stick. I want to ride that cock and bounce up and down. Going faster and faster as my little tits are bouncing in your face. This tiny cunt is heavenly and your dick is all that I want fucking me. Make me your naughty secret and let my pussy walls squeeze, choke and make your shaft wetter then it's ever been. I know your wife isn't there right now so cum on over and let me give you some of the hottest no limits no taboo phone sex you have ever had and make you cum like never before...


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Wanna Take A Ride On Your Disco Stick

I am in a very dirty mood today are you? I can't decide if I want to make you my submissive slut or my obedient little bitch and make you service my big fat strap on. Do you want to feel my big 9 inch strap on cock sliding in and out of your mouth? Just think about making it nice and wet so you can get ready to be put on all fours and feel me sliding it in that hot slutty ass. I'll fuck your hole so good as I pump in and out you will be begging me to cum before you know it. Or maybe make you want to be my dirty toilet slave and have me squat right over your face with my panties pulled to the side and my smooth bare pussy ready to give you all of my golden nectars. Or maybe you just like to hear me as my golden showers are falling into the toilet and think about how much you were here drinking it all up for me and then cleaning my pussy lips of all it's juices. And don't forget about servicing my tiny ass hole. It's so warm and tight and ready for your tongue to slide up and down. Just think about me grinding back and forth and moving it in circles making you my kinky dirty ass slut. Or maybe you want to be my cuckold cream pie boy after I've had a real mans cock inside of me fucking my tight teen pussy or I could dress you up in my panties and bra and laughing at you for having such a tiny pathetic dick.

Or maybe I want to be a submissive little slut and get down on my knees like a good whore and take your big fat cock in my mouth and suck it just like you want me too. Making it dripping wet as you face fucks me to the point of cumming. And you know I can suck that dick like no one else can. Then you you put me on all fours or bends me over and slides your throbbing hard cock in my dripping wet pussy or dirty little ass hole. You know I'm a slut who will do anything to get your dick off weather its me being your bratty princess or your pleasing little fuck whore. All of my tiny little holes will wrap around your stick and slide up and down. Squeezing and gripping as you thrust deeper and harder. And you know no one can do it like I can. My raunchy mouth will have your cock so hard its ready to pop and blow all of that cum. And I will never say no to whatever gets you off the hardest. From mild to extreme dirty or nasty I am ready to make you explode!

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