Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cock Stroking Steamy Guided Masturbation

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Oh that feels so good. Taking my hands as I start to run them around my puffy hard nipples. Makes you want to stroke it faster doesn't it? Go ahead and stroke it a little bit faster for me. Looking into my eyes as I start to take my hand and slide them in my panties. Oh it's so tight and wet right now. You can see my pussy lips through them can't you? Seeing me take my fingers as I run them up and down my little lips for you. Teasing and seducing you as I slowly move them over to the side for you. Seeing the look on your face and the lust in your eyes as I say "Oh look at that pre cum baby. It's starting to drip out." Squeeze that cock a little tighter for me. And stroke it even faster now. I want you to start to play with that sensitive area right there. You know right under the tip of the head where if you touch it too much it will bring you right to the edge of where you want to cum so fucking bad you can taste it. Go ahead and take your finger as you run it round and round in circular motion as your stroking your cock. Even better yet take your right hand that your stroking up and down with...take your left hand and tease that sensitive spot for me. Just like that oh that's right..MMmm look at my wet pussy lips...Look at me as I take my finger and slide it in and out..Moaning out as i'm getting wetter and wetter for you. Hearing me as I direct you on how to stroke that rod for me up and down. Faster and faster. Grabbing it tighter and tighter as you feel that cum build up so much that you are ready to explode all over for me...I look at you and say "Stroke that spot right under your cock head where that vain is. Just run your finger back and forth but don't cum yet. Just feel how good it is." I know you wanna blow don't you not yet baby... I want you to call me so you can hear how wet my tight little pussy is for you so we can cum together... And if you like you can come see me in the free sex chat room first so we can have some fun there and then arrange a hot phone sex call.

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