Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What A Kinky Dirty Cock Stroking Pervert

I am your daughter’s best friend and I have seen the way you have been walking around watching me like a pervert. You have had these taboo phone sex fantasies about being controlled by a sexy little princess. One who will make you do kinky dirty and very naughty things. When your daughter invites me for sleep over’s I see the look you get in your eyes. Does your cock get hard seeing the way we all run around in our cute little pajamas? Have you spied on us when we are in nothing but our little panties and tops? What would you do to be able to come in and jerk off in front of me pervert? How far could I push your limits so you could see me pull my little panties to the side and show you how tight and bare my wet little pussy is? I bet you would take a strap on up your fucking ass wouldn’t you? I bet you would get down on your knees and suck on it and make it nice and wet like a slutty strap on loving bitch. I would like to secretly get all of my girl friends and their dads to cum in a bowl and then hold it in front of you and make you drink it all down for me. Of course you are not going to know how many girls have squirted their cum juice in it. And you won’t have any clue that I got all the dirty fucking daddies together and wack off in it too. But that’s not all I bet you will do to be able to see and maybe even finger my little pussy too. But what would you do to have me squat my little cunnie lips right over your face? Or maybe see me bent over with my little ass up in the air? I bet you have cum so many times just thinking about what it would be like to slide your tongue up and down my tiny pussy lips and ass hole. I know you have because I caught you one night in your bedroom with a pair of my dirty panties shoved in your face and one of my pictures in your hand. I know you wish that you could have the chance to slide your throbbing hard dick in my little holes but the only way that would happen is in your dreams. I want to humiliate you and make you do things that will make you feel like the pathetic loser that you are.

And if you are a good obedient slut then maybe I will crawl on top of you while I’m dressed in my little panties and grind against your dick. I’ll squeeze my sexy little thighs around your shaft and slide them up and down and if you get lucky I may just slide my panties to the side and run the tip of your dick head on the outer edges of my bald cunt lips. But don’t even think about sticking it in my sweet young pussy. But I will make you my toy and be your flirty little seductive tease until you are begging me like the bitch that you are to cum. There is no restrictions on the limits of the kinky dirty phone sex that I will have with you. If you like it really extreme I will make you my piss drinking toilet slave. Just think about me standing over your head and I start to slowly move my little panties to the side. Your dick is dripping pre cum seeing how pretty my sweet lips are. I look down at you and giggle and release all of my golden showers in your mouth. It tastes good doesn’t it potty mouth? So warm and wet as it falls from my lips to yours. You drink it all down and then thank me for giving you all of my juice. Then you know you have to clean it all up slave. Go ahead and slide your tongue in and out and feel me grind into your mouth. Lick it until there is none left. Do you want to get even nastier? Then take your tongue back to my tiny little ass and if you get real lucky I may have a dirty treat for you. That cock feels so good while you are jerking it right now isn’t it slut? I know you can hear all that giggling and you may wonder who it is. All of my girl friends are standing around you watching as you are my own personal slave. How humiliating! But I bet you want to take a taste of their sweet pussy don’t you? Go ahead and call me right now and get ready to have some of the kinkiest phone sex you have ever had.
Princess Riley

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your After Hours Phone Sex Slut

You walk into your office to see your favorite teen phone sex cutie there dressed like this. It's after business hours and you have been looking for me all day. I smile at you and say "I've been waiting on you all day." Then I walk over to the door and lock it behind you. You instantly have a boner in your pants and you are undressing me with your eyes. I say "Do you like what you see right now?" I start to undo my blouse and slowly expose my lacy red bra. Then I slowly start to take that off to expose my perky tits. You say "What are you doing Riley?" I giggle saying "You know what I'm doing. I have wanted this for a very long time and I know you have too. And by the rise in your pants It seems as if your cock does too." I keep seducing and teasing you and my body exposes more of itself. I brush my body against yours and you can feel how smooth and soft I feel. You like that I came here dressed like this for you. And you love my six inch cum fuck me pumps too. But now I'm ready for you to have me. I start to do a sexy strip and slide my little white blouse off and expose my firm little tits.I walk over to the chair and sit there with my legs spread open. I'm touching myself and seeing you get hornier and hotter. You say "You know if we get caught we will both get in a lot of trouble." I said "Yeah I know that but I like to live dangerously." You walk up between me and I take my soft hands and start to rub your cock through your pants. And I take my other hand to run between my petite little thighs and start to move my thong to the side. I look up at you saying "Look at this tiny wet pussy. I know your dick wants to get a taste of this doesn't it." I go to slide my finger in and out and start to moan your name. You undo your pants and out jumps your big 9 inch cock. You look down at me teasing my pussy and I see your hand moving up and down your shaft. It's right in front of my face and I reach into it with my lips and start to kiss it for you. You know a man like you should have an office slut like me. I open up my mouth and start to wrap my hand around the base of your shaft and take the tip in my mouth.

You can feel how wet it is as I start to tease it with the tip of my tongue. I move my way down further and begin to suck up and down nice and slow. I can taste you and feel you start to thrust in and out of my mouth. "You like the way I suck your dick don't you?" I say. And you start to slide it in deeper. You want to feel it further in my throat. I start to gag on it and my eyes start to flood with water. I try to take all nine inches of your meat down my throat. I start to suck it faster and take it in deeper. My slurping makes you even harder and you look down at me and say "I'm ready to fuck that tight little young pussy of yours Riley!" You pull me up and turn me around and slide my little black skirt down and expose my lacy red thong. Then you spread my legs open. I look back as I can feel you slide your cock inside of my creamy wet pussy. You start to pump me in and out. You call me your naughty office slut. And you can feel me tighten my grip around your dick even more. It's so warm and feels so good. Your cock stretches me open and it's so big that you have to grab my waist and drill it in me. I say "Fuck this pussy you know it's all yours. I want it fast deep and hard." And then I moan out your name. The smell of our lust and sex is in the air. You say "Baby you have the best fucking cunt i've ever had." Then I say "Do you want to shoot your load deep in this slutty cunt? You want a good bitch who will always give you what you want when you want it? You want a dirty girl who will make your cock feel so good that all you can think about is feeding me your jizz?" The dirtier and raunchier my mouth was the harder he fucked me until he had me back down on my knees again spraying my face up pretty. I looked up covered in juices and sucked off his cock just like a good office slut should. I think it's time that you take a break from work and come give your barely legal phone sex assistant a visit in the conference room. Don't you?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Screaming Creamy Hot Orgasms

All I can think about right now is how much I want to take you to the edge and then make you have an explosion of an orgasm. I want you walk up to me and put your hands all over me. I can think about how good your hands feel as they run all over my body. You push me into the corner and say "my cock is so fucking hard for you right now Riley that its dripping pre cum." Am I dressed in something hot and slutty? Have you ripped all of my clothes off of me? Or have I just done a strip tease for you?" You start squeezing my little tits together and take your tongue and start licking and sucking on them. And I can feel your big fat naked dick press in against my thigh. You have me so wet and my body is trembling from head to toe that all I can think about is making myself all yours. I take my soft hand and place it around your cock and start stroking your shaft. You feel me pumping nice and slow and you start to moan out saying "you are teasing me right now aren't you Riley?" I smile and say "yes I am I can't help it." You know I'm all yours and all I want to do is make your big fat rod so hard it's throbbing. You open up your mouth and slide your tongue into mine and start kissing me deep and hard. And your hands slide down my body and make their way between my sexy thighs. As our lips are locked together and tongues are dancing I take your hand and slide my panties to the side. I know you want to enter my tight wet pussy don't you? You know that it only gets this wet for you. Don't you want to feel it grab and squeeze around as you move it in and out? You release your lips from mine and say "Your pussy is so warm and tight and so so wet. The way it tugs on my finger I can only imagine what it will do to my dick." I say "Yes you know what it will do to your fat dick. It's going to squeeze grab and choke it. It's going to show you that this is the best fucking pussy you have ever had." You like it when I talk that way don't you? And that just makes your shaft even harder. I want to please you drive you to the point of where you just cant take it anymore. To the edge of the hugest screaming orgasm you have ever had. What will get you there? You know I'm a open minded girl who likes any and everything you bring to me. I don't care how naughty taboo and kinky it may be. I will never say no to you or your desires. I have no limit's when it comes to you...Let me tease, seduce and drink down all your sticky hot cum....

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