Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dirty LIl Cum Lovin Princess

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm The Princess Of Humiliation

Hi guy's are you in the mood for some humiliation today from your pretty little princess? Are you craving mild or hard core? I will put you on your knees and have you looking up at me as I slap your face and leave a print on there so you never forget me. And tell you how much of a loser you are as I laugh at you. That's right i'm about to own your pathetic ass. Whatever I want you will do. Weather its putting you in my panties or dressing you up in my pretty lingerie and treating you like the sissy bitch you know you are. I will force and feminize you and then bring out my big fat strap on ready to fuck both of your slutty hot holes. And lets not forget about all of those horny cocks out there that needs to be serviced by you. Who not better to suck on a big fat dick then you? Sucking and slurping on it making it nice and wet so you can get it ready for that hot man pussy. You know you want to be put on your knees and be treated like the bitch that you are. And if you tell me no then you will suffer the consequences. Everyone knows how much of a fucking pervert you are anyway. So it wouldn't take much for me to convince them that you have been touching me in places that you should not be. I bet that makes your little dick get hard doesn't it loser? I know you have been watching me dressed in my super tight fitting clothes showing off my firm little tits and ass. And I bet you would do anything to get a glimpse of my puffy nipples and pink pussy lips. So what will you do to prove how worthy you are? I'll have you on your knees drinking my piss out of a dog bowl and have you wagging your tail like a lost little puppy. I will turn you into my own personal toilet slave just to get the chance to take a taste of my sweet princess pussy. Just think about how tight and wet it is.So pink and pretty and ready to be played with. I bet it makes your cock rock hard doesn't it. I love to tease you and make you throb until I edge you to cumming. Have you begging like a bitch and then walk away and deny you. I will deny you cumming for as long as I want until you can't take it anymore and your dick starts to drip and ooze. I will own every part of your pathetic man hood. And when you are ready to show me that you have what it takes to serve me then maybe I'll let you worship me from head to toe. So go ahead and pick up the phone and get ready to give me what I want today.
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