Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Piss Drinking Slut

Dirty fucking slut called me today telling me how much he missed talking to me as he said "Oh Riley I have my glass here ready to fill it up for you." As I laughed I said "Are you ready to be my piss drinking slut today?" He said moaning out "Oh yes baby." As he told me how he also imagined seeing me in front of him bending over with my little thong pulled down exposing my little ass and pink pussy to him. Knowing that he could never get the chance to do anything more then just lick and clean up my dirty fucking holes and maybe drink my piss. I fuckin love it when nasty men will drink their oqn pee and eat their own shit for me. Horny fuck stood there as I could hear him pissing in his glass with a fucking six inch dildo in his ass. Before he drank his golden shower down I said "Fuck your dirty ass hole with that dildo and then slide it out and taste your ass juices on it." I know his cock had to twitch and throb as soon as he heard me say that cause he moaned out saying "Oh yes I wanna be as dirty as I can be for you." As I heard him sucking on it. What a dildo whore he is. Nasty slut would have even sucked on a real cock for me if I told him too. He said "Oh I wish I could shit for you right now so I could eat it all up for you. Not knowing when his wife would walk in at him at any moment. Tipping his glass back as he drank down all of his fresh piss as I giggled and said "Tell me how much you like being my piss drinking slut!" He said "Oh I get so fucking hard thinking about being your dirty slut." I can't wait to bring one of my fuck buddies over with the big fat meaty dick so he can put that fucking dildo to the side and take a real cock in his hot mouth and slutty ass. And maybe i'll tie him up to my bed where he is bound and helpless and wont have any choice but do as I tell him...Are you ready to get dirty for me today? Come find me in our free sex chat and set up a dirty phone sex call or just call 1-888-704-6848 ask for Princess Riley

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Long Time Cumming....

You walked up to me today as I was laying back on my couch saying "Riley it's been so long since i've seen you baby." As I smiled at you touching myself seeing the big bulge in your pants. Looking into your eyes as I touched my my puffy nipples as they started to swell and get hard. Taking my other hand as I ran it down my little body making my way between my sexy thighs and seeing the expression on your face grow more intense as I took my soft little hand and ran it closer to my little pink pussy lips. The lust grew on your face as you started to get down on your knees saying "I want to lick that tight teen pussy." As I moaned out saying "Yes come lick it baby you know it always gets so wet for you." Every time I think about your tongue sliding up and down my cunt lips I think about how you can not stop there. I always want more. As I felt your tongue sliding in and out of my warm lips I started to grind them into your face as you took your tongue and ran it up and down my clit. Taking my hands as I ran them through your hair saying "You are one of the best pussy lickers i've ever know baby." Feeling me get wetter with each lick as my pussy juices dripped into your mouth. You looked up at me as your tongue was fucking my little hole faster and faster as you said "Your pussy tastes so good but i'm ready to fuck you now." As you stood up and undid your pants. Watching me slide my finger in my tight wet pussy. Bringing out that big fat dick as I took it in my little hand and started to stroke it. As you said "Which position do you want it in Riley?" I said "Bend me over and fuck me doggy style." You knew that was one of my favorite positions. As I continued stroking that big fat dick even faster. Feeling it throb in my hand as I got up and bent over the table. Feeling you take your hands as you slapped my tight little ass as I giggled and looked back at you saying "Fuck my little pussy baby it wants to feel your rod so bad." Feeling you grab my hips as you slid your dick inside of my hot young fuck hole. Pumping nice and slow as my creamy lips grabbed and squeezed around your pole. Grinding back into you as I moaned out "Oh fuck your cock feels so good the way it stretches my little pussy open." Getting wetter and wetter as you slammed your cock deeper inside of me. Your toy was so big, long and thick and you knew how to fuck me so good that I could never say no to you. And your tongue was the master of all tongues when it came to licking my hot little hole. As you throbbed inside of me and rammed me harder I screamed even louder. As I had a tight snug grip around your cock that was so tight you said "Oh fuck Riley i'm going to cum in that hot little cunt now!" Looking back as I grinded my ass against your stomach saying "Give me that hot sticky cum I want it now!" As I put a even stiffer grip around your dick even tighter you grabbed a hold of my hips puling me back on you as you shot the biggest fucking load I have ever felt in a long time deep inside of me. As I said "Oh hell yes i'm going to milk it baby dry." As you moaned out saying "I'm going to have to cum by more often baby." As I giggled saying "Oh yes you are...." I want more... are you ready to cum slide your big fat cock in my tight little fuck holes? Then call me at 1-888-704-6848 ask for Riley

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Sinful Slutty Boss With Benefits

Just think about kneeing over me as i'm in my office. Your big hard cock is out as you are stroking it right in front of my face. As I'm looking at you smiling and I open up my mouth as you go to slide it in. Feeling my hot mouth slide up and down your shaft as you look between my sexy legs and watch me as i'm fingering my wet hot pussy. As I'm taking your cock in and out of my mouth. Feeling it throb as I take it in more. I know you want me to gag on it don't you? I can tell by the way you start feeding it to me deeper and deeper. Go ahead slide it down my throat. I want to feel the tip of your dick sliding down my tunnel. MMmmm what is that pre cum I taste? It's so sticky and creamy give me more of it. What if I was your boss and I called you in my office to tell you that i'm feeling very horny. And all I can think about is pulling down your pants and bending you over my desk so I can fuck your ass with my big strap on? I know you like it when I'm a bratty boss. Especially if you are a slutty subbie. As I get it nice and wet with some lube you feel me slide it up and down your ass crack. Then feel me push it in as I start fucking you like you have always wanted. And you know I know how to use it too. Taking my soft hands as I pull you back on to me and work it all the way in and all the way out. Saying "I'm going to make you my bitch today." As you moan out and squeeze those ass cheeks around my toy. I just know you want to stroke your throbbing hard cock too. What if I was your cheating girl friend or wife? Maybe your naughty girl next door. Or do you want something more taboo like daddy/daughter. And for all the pathetic little dick losers you know i'll put you in my panties and humiliate you and laugh at your tiny little dick. And for the real men out there who have the big fat cocks I have three hot places for you to slide your dick into. That's my hot slutty mouth, my tight wet pussy, and my hot little ass. The things that we can do together are endless. And I will make sure that you cum like never before. Don't you want to blow your thick hot load all over me? I love cum and I love to cum with you. So come on baby tell me what your kinky, nasty, dirty, forbidden, taboo desires are. My hot little fuck hole is dripping wet and i'm ready to grab my vibrator and slide it inside of me. And if you want i'll even let you hear how wet I am for you. I'm home alone right now and want a big hard cock. So why don't you take it out for me baby and call me for all your phone sex fantasies at 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Riley