Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Your Bratty Cock Sucking Princess

Things have been so hectic these days with my college courses and all the studying I have to do. But no matter how busy I am It's never enough for me to be a slutty whore that you like me to be. Well you may not like me being that way for other guys just you. Guy's have found out my weakness and figured out that if they buy me really nice things and presents that I will be more then willing to show how much I appreciate them. I guess I'm a greedy little princess after all. A lot would call me a spoiled brat! Just recently my human sexuality professor found out the really big cock sucking thank you that I gave to my biology professor. The reason why I know that is when I came to his class room yesterday he handed me over this very pretty charm bracelet that I have always wanted. He walked up to me after I was about ready to walk out of his class and he said "Riley can you stay after for just a while?" I looked back and smiled at him saying "Sure I can." He closed and locked his door and went behind his desk and brought out this pretty gift wrapped package. Smiling at me he said "I heard how you thanked your biology teacher the other day when he gave you a present. With a huge bulge in his pants he walked even closer to me and said "I just had to go out and buy this for you so you could give me a "special thank you too." He handed it over to me and I started to unwrap it and what did I see but something very shiny filled with charms! He said "Here let me put that on you baby." I giggled saying "Thank you for my prezzie!" Then he clamped it on me and I walked closer to him and said "Now let me show you just how I think my professors who buy me really nice things." I started to slowly lift up my top and expose my perky little tits. Touching and squeezing them I said "MMMMM don't you want to slide something big and hard between these and feel something wet and warm sliding down it?" He said "Oh fuck Riley yes I do." I immediately dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. Exposing his big meaty cock looking up at him. Then I raised up my little skirt and showed off my little cotton panties to him. Saying "When you buy me really expensive gifts that sparkle like diamonds this is what you get in return." And then I slid my pretty panties to the side and started to touch my pink pussy lips. I swear his dick started to throb right in front of my face. Then I said "But for now let me take your big fat cock in my hand so I can slide it in my slutty wet mouth." I was going to show him the proper way to say "Thank you" I opened up my pretty painted lips and started to slide them around his cock. It was so big and fat that I had to really open wide. My professor started to moan out saying "OHHH fuck suck my throbbing dick princess riley. I've wanted to feel your lips sliding up and down my shaft for so long." I looked up at him and started to pump in and out. Slurping and sucking it just like he wanted me to do. Lifting my my mouth up saying "I'm your cock whore fuck my throat please." Taking my tongue as I went to spin it round and round his mushroom head. Then plunging onto his rod I took it in as far as I could. Talking with my mouth full saying "Do you want to face fuck me? I want to gag all over your dick." The moment I said that he stared to thrust in and out faster and harder. Feeling my tongue move along his shaft. He looked down at me and said "Baby I don't think i'm going to be able to make it to my cock fucking those perfect tits!" So I raised my little mouth up off of his cock and started licking up and down his shaft. Guiding it between my tits saying "I want your cum painted all over these perfect little breasts." Squeezing them around his shaft I could feel it slipping in and out. I took my hand and started to massage his balls. They were filled with warm hot cum as I squeezed them gently. Twirling my tongue round and round the tip of your cock head. You said "I have one more present for you Riley!" And out shot a HUGE fucking wad of cum. Squirting all over my nipples tits and even on my face. I looked over at my pretty charm bracelet and you said "I can't wait to give you your next present Riley." I giggled and said "Neither can I because I'm going to REALLY show you how much of a slut I can be for you.... "

Naughty licks professor!
Princess Riley

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