Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Screaming Creamy Hot Orgasms

All I can think about right now is how much I want to take you to the edge and then make you have an explosion of an orgasm. I want you walk up to me and put your hands all over me. I can think about how good your hands feel as they run all over my body. You push me into the corner and say "my cock is so fucking hard for you right now Riley that its dripping pre cum." Am I dressed in something hot and slutty? Have you ripped all of my clothes off of me? Or have I just done a strip tease for you?" You start squeezing my little tits together and take your tongue and start licking and sucking on them. And I can feel your big fat naked dick press in against my thigh. You have me so wet and my body is trembling from head to toe that all I can think about is making myself all yours. I take my soft hand and place it around your cock and start stroking your shaft. You feel me pumping nice and slow and you start to moan out saying "you are teasing me right now aren't you Riley?" I smile and say "yes I am I can't help it." You know I'm all yours and all I want to do is make your big fat rod so hard it's throbbing. You open up your mouth and slide your tongue into mine and start kissing me deep and hard. And your hands slide down my body and make their way between my sexy thighs. As our lips are locked together and tongues are dancing I take your hand and slide my panties to the side. I know you want to enter my tight wet pussy don't you? You know that it only gets this wet for you. Don't you want to feel it grab and squeeze around as you move it in and out? You release your lips from mine and say "Your pussy is so warm and tight and so so wet. The way it tugs on my finger I can only imagine what it will do to my dick." I say "Yes you know what it will do to your fat dick. It's going to squeeze grab and choke it. It's going to show you that this is the best fucking pussy you have ever had." You like it when I talk that way don't you? And that just makes your shaft even harder. I want to please you drive you to the point of where you just cant take it anymore. To the edge of the hugest screaming orgasm you have ever had. What will get you there? You know I'm a open minded girl who likes any and everything you bring to me. I don't care how naughty taboo and kinky it may be. I will never say no to you or your desires. I have no limit's when it comes to you...Let me tease, seduce and drink down all your sticky hot cum....

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