Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slutty Fem Sissy Craves To Be A Girl

I just had a fem sissy call me and told me how much he cant stop thinking of being a girl. He was at the park dressed up just like a slut. He told me that he had on a mini skirt and a tight fitting top with some pink panties and a matching bra with some spike six inch pumps. OMG he also told me that he was wearing a blonde wig and full make up too. He said before he got to the park he had just went shopping dressed like that at the mall. I started to laugh out saying I bet going at this time EVERYONE saw you dressed like a girl too. He confessed that he could not get enough of going there to shop for girlie clothes and go to the nail shop to get his toes and nails painted up shades of red and pink. As he was parked in his car dressed like a whore I told him that I would have a lot of fun with him. Since he was dressed like a girl he may as well be treated like one. I said "We could go to places like the adult book store where you could go and suck those strangers cocks. You know the ones that have the glory holes?" And then I told him "We could also go to the adult sex club where I could auction him off to the highest bidder so they could have their way with You. It could be sucking and fucking on huge cocks and taking loads of cum or being gang banged by a big group of guys." He said "I've always wanted to do that and be someone's bitch." I said "I could turn you into my street walking whore if I wanted too and pimp you out." He said "Can you turn my little dick into a pussy?" I said "Hell yes I can do that. And if it's tiny you may as well call it a pussy with a clitty attached! Or a dicklet and that from now on the only thing he would take was big fat cocks up his holes. So I told him to sit there in his car and wait for a hot young stud to walk by and lift up his little mini and start stroking his tiny pecker. He said "Yes Miss Riley as you wish." He said "It feels sooooo good." Then he said "Oh my god he is looking in here at me!" I said "Stroke it faster slut! I want him to know that you are masturbating thinking about him." Then he said "Oh yes I really wanna cum now! And he's walking even closer to my car." The thing about little dick losers is that it doesn't take long before they are ready to cum. The next thing I knew he told me that he had to hang up the phone. I guess the guy walked up to his car and saw his tiny prick out and seen that it was a guy and not a real girl. It was so funny though because I could hear him cumming just like he was a slut in heat. The next time he calls I'm going to tell him he will be my cock sucking slut.

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