Sunday, October 5, 2008

Slide It In My Tight Little Ass

I'm on my knees right now ready to be your dirty little bitch. I know you love it when I show off my tight ass for you. Weather i'm wearing a short little skirt that barely covers it or just walking around in some panties or a thong teasing you. Your cock get's rock hard when you think about climbing up here behind me as you take your hands and squeeze my ass cheeks. Rubbing and smacking them as you get your tongue ready to slide up and down my hot little hole. Making your way closer until you get right there. Now you may like it when I just come out of the shower and smelling sweet. But I know it makes your dick even harder knowing if I haven't. Spreading me open as your tongue starts to lick up and down. Nice and slow so you can savor the taste. Hearing me moan out as you take your tongue and start to slide it in. Telling me how good I taste as you start to slide that tongue in even further. Looking up at me as you call me your dirty bitch. Ya that's right you know i'm a dirty whore for you and I wanna feel your tongue, finger, and cock stretching my tight little hole open. Forcing it as you can't get enough. Feeling me move and wiggle my hips back and forth as I start to grind on your tongue saying "Lick me deeper you horny fucking slut!" Taking my hand as I run my finger tips through your hair and pushing you in deeper inside of me. My pussy is getting so wet by the way that you do that you can feel it start to drip down as you start licking me from my ass crack to my pink little hole. Taking out your big fat hard cock as you start to stroke it and take your hands and slap my ass. And you love hearing me slap it too as you rim me even deeper. Me moaning out even louder because you are a hot ass licker. Go ahead and stroke your cock baby. Get it ready because I know it's just dripping pre cum as you start to lick me faster and faster. I know you want to force that throbbing hard rod inside of my tight dirty little hole and feel how tight it is. Choking it just how you like. You get up as you take your cock and start to smack my ass again. First the right cheek then the left. The right and then the left.

As I look back at you again you say "You make my dick harder then anyone ever has." As I look back at you smiling and giggling I say "I know I do and you lick me like no one i've ever known before now give me that big fat cock." You said "Oh hell ya baby" As you take the tip of the head and started to run it from my pussy lips and back to my ass.Then sliding it in my hot little ass. Feeling how hot it was as you grabbed my hips and forced your way in. My hole is so tight and will grip and squeeze around your cock so tight that it will have you blowing your load before you know it. Feeling me as I slide up and down that shaft. And with every stroke you start to fuck me deeper and harder. With every thrust I choke your rod tighter and tighter. With your full balls smacking against me you start saying "My cock feels so good inside of your tight little hole." Feeling me as I pull your cock deeper and deeper inside of me hitting that g spot. As I look back and take my hands to grab you and pull you in even as i'm moaning out so loud and saying "Oh yes just like that. Give it to know i'm hungry for your cock." Saying it again as i'm grinding my ass back onto you. As you slide all the way in and all the way out. Moving your hips in circles as my pussy is so wet the juices are dripping back on your cock. You take your finger as you start to run it up and down my clit. Teasing it as you roll your finger round and round. Hearing as I moan out even louder you make your way to my tight little pussy lips. Hearing me say "Slide your finger in my tight wet cunt. You thought my ass was tight just wait until you enter here." You were moaning out so loud by now and throbbing so much inside of me that the next words I heard was "I'm ready to shoot my hot load in your mouth." Moving to the side of my bed as I said "Aim and shoot that hot cum in my mouth now!"Opening up my mouth as I drank in every last drop that you had. Then cleaning your cock off as you leaned your head back and started to moan. I want more! Are you ready? Then come and find me in our
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